Websites with resources for kids learning English
Fantastic website with all kinds of games, songs, stories and activities for English language learners.
This Youtube account has lots of cute animated songs, especially for young English language learners.  The songs have subtitles so adults can learn the words, too.
Practice the numbers, colours, and other vocabulary with these interactive videos.
Games, stories, and videos for kids.
Sing along videos practicing English vocabualry with the characters from Disney.
Interactive games, puzzles and activities from your favourite Discovery Kids shows.

Articles on Learning Second Languages

Supporting Bilingual Children in Early Childhood Education
Read this article to find out about
  • The stages of language development in children very young bilingual children. 
  • Factors affecting the rate of acquisition of English as a second language
  • Myths surrounding bilingualism
  • What to expect when children are learning a second language
Parents As Language Partners
A list of great tips of things you can do at home to help support your child's learning.

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