Course Elements

This course is made up of the following elements:

For all grade levels, there is a corresponding syllabus which maps out the communicative aims, language functions, grammar, lexis and phonology which should be expected by the end of each level. These levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). This is the European standard for grading an individual's language proficiency. More information on these levels can be found with Co-ordination.

This is an individual collection of each student’s work which is sent home at the end of the term. The first pages are prepared by the teacher and contain a description and justification of the work completed during the semester. Examples of these can be found with Co-ordination.

Projects are an important element in this programme. Both the Portuguese and English programmes complete 3 projects per year. Each is developed progressively over the course of a term and is finalized with a presentation.

Open-doors Day 
On a designated day each month, parents and caregivers are invited to assist and even participate during the last 20 minutes of a class. The activities are usually a song, game or story. You will be notified in advance of the dates of these days, via the blog and with a note in your child's agenda.

The English Programme has its own blog (this one!), which is updated weekly by the teacher. Each group has its own section with photos and descriptions of the activities done in class. The objective is to inform and involve parents as well as creating a valuable online register of student work and experiences.

Homework should only be given when the objective is to encourage participation of parents in the bilingual experience (e.g. ask your Mummy 5 questions about her job. Use the questions you learned today in class.) create opportunities for children to contribute to the classes with information or objects from their real lives (e.g. bring in photos of your family)

At the end of each term, a pro-forma is used to record the progress of individual students.  These go home in the portfolios.

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